Expert Fire Alarms Installation Brighton

Are you searching for expert fire alarms installation Brighton? Well look no further than Belled Up Security Ltd! The best in the Sussex and Brighton area!

When it comes to fire safety it is no joke. House fires take the lives of too many souls each year, so to prevent the worst from happening, you want the best devices installed by the best to provide you and your family with the maximum safety, that’s why you contact Belled Up Security Limited! To make sure everything is installed to the highest quality

Belled Up don’t just provide fire alarms. We also provide many other services that mainly are there for security purposes, such as CCTV devices, or burglar alarms. We at Belled Up these are just as valuable if not more to have these systems in place as burglaries are more common than house fires, and you need your home, family, and valuables kept safe.

If you are interested in our fire alarm installation services, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Why Choose Belled Up Security Limited?Fire Alarms Picture

With other security installation companies, it’s not uncommon for them to provide one product for an unruly price. At Belled Up, we aim to give our customers as many options as we can depending on their price range. We believe that giving you options will make you more comfortable in selecting the services instead of feeling forced in to spending unnecessary amounts of money


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