CCTV Installation Company Brighton

CCTV installation company based in Brighton brought to you by Belled Up Security Fire & Safety Ltd.

Whether you own a home or a business or an industrial unit, there is only one number you need to call 01273 090 188 or email at Belled Up Security is your one stop shop for all of your security needs, particularly when it comes to CCTV systems and their installation services.

Belled up security is providing the best services to Brighton for many years and has a long history of happy clients.

CCTV installation prices vary based upon the CCTV system, and the number of CCTV cameras we need to install. It also depends on The number of TVs and monitors to mount on walls and internet connection challenges. This cost evaluation will also look at the location, accessibility, time of the installation and urgency of your installation demands.
Belled Up Security is well known for competitive pricing and exceptional customer service. This is why customers use and trust Belled Up Security for their security needs. 

CCTV Installed at site

Regardless of whether you require one CCTV camera installed at one location or multiple CCTV systems at several properties. Our Members of the Belled Up Security team have completed many projects spanning a variety of sizes and challenges. So, we make sure to provide the best services and make long-term relationships with clients.

Why Belled Up Security| CCTV Installation Company Brighton

Belled Up Security is NSI Silver Standard approved, placing you at complete peace and confidence.

Unlike other CCTV installation businesses, which are unqualified, and inexperienced and will disappear when an issue arises. Belled Up Security is a team of reliable, trustworthy, qualified professionals who you can count on. Your next step is to call a member of the team to get a quotation and free consultation.

You are welcome to email any questions to as well as a scope of work in relation to the project.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon.