Intruder Alarm Sussex 

Are you searching for the Best and most reliable intruder alarm Sussex has to offer? 

Belled up security offers state of the art intruder alarms to keep you, your home and your family safe!

We want you to feel safe within your own home, that is why we created two types of intruder alarms with two different price points, which we believe would fit our different types of customers.

No matter what I can assure you we would be able to find the right alarm for you.

We offer a 24/7/365 call service for any queries about your installed alarm.

Why us?

Belled Up Security are experts in the security field. Specialising in building alarms, we can make sure that everyone is safe and secure when danger appears. If you want a security firm that you can trust, Belled Up Security is the right place for you.

Different types of intruder alarm

Bells only alarm: When the alarm is triggered by one of the alarm components, an outside bell or siren is activated, this will motivate the burglar to leave 

Monitored alarms: These are connected by telephone to an alarm receiving centre or ARC. When an activation occurs, the system will automatically call the ARC and notify them of the activation.

What do we include in our alarm systems maintenance ?

  • Annual or six – monthly service agreements, compliant to standard PD6662 -2017
  • A dedicated 24/7/365 call-out facility, so should your system develop a fault you can 

call us any time, day or night.

  • Fixed service pricing, no hidden fees or charges
  • Fully trained, multi-skilled Alarm Engineers.
  • Free advice on system maintenance or improvements
  • Expert knowledge and friendly customer service to support should you have any queries

Choose us for the best intruder alarm Sussex 

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